Karabakh is Azerbaijan!

Caspian Drilling Company has made another donation to the Azerbaijan Armed Forces Relief Fund.
“Caspian Drilling Company Limited was established as a joint venture company between SOCAR and Santa FE in 1996 by initiative and support of national leader of Azerbaijan Heydar Aliyev. In 2008 Company underwent a significant change when SOCAR became the major shareholder by obtaining majority of shares of the company and assigning new leadership in the company to our General Director Farid Akhundov. With new leadership since 2008, a nationalization strategy has been implemented thanks to which now we have majority of our staff composed of highly qualified Azerbaijani professionals. That being said, our Company is proud of being a multinational company where many nationalities work hard together to achieve the best results for our oil and gas industry. We all, being part of great Caspian Drilling family, consider Azerbaijan as our home.

Caspian Drilling Company’s multinational staff fully support the current peace operations launched as counter-offense measures by Azerbaijan to restore the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Azerbaijan. Our Company has recently donated 17 million manats to Azerbaijani Armed Forces Relief Fund to support our victorious army! In addition to that, our multinational team composed of Azerbaijanis, Russians, Lezgins, Kazakhs, British, Americans, Croatians and other nationalities stepped forward with the initiative to donate part of our salaries, 350.000 manats, to express our endless gratitude and support to our glorious Army.

Long live our victorious Supreme Commander-in-Chief!

Long Live Azerbaijan’s Armed Forces! Long Live Azerbaijan!

Karabakh is Azerbaijan!