Fleet Specifications


Semi - Submersible Drilling Rig

General Description   

Design Corall, Shelf Series Design  
Built/Yard 1991 / Astrakhan, Russia
Rebuilt/Yard 1998 / CSC, Baku, Azerbaijan
Upgraded/Yard  2016 / CSC, Baku, Azerbaijan
Dimensions 301 ft. x 210 ft.
Normal operating draft 47 ft.
Towing Draft 19 ft.
Maximum variable load (drilling) 2,999 mt  
Quarters capacity 145 persons  
Operating water depth           (as outfitted) 1,558 ft.  
Operating water depth           (design) 2,297 ft.    

Drilling Equipment

Derrick 177 ft. x 40 ft., x 18 ft Pyramid with static hook load capacity of 1,500,000 lbs. 26,600 ft. Drill Pipe capacity
Drawworks Wirth GH2500-EG, directly driven by two GE 752 Hi-Torque motors, 2500 horsepower, regenerative braking system & Baylor 7040 electric brake
Rotary table Wirth RTSS 49.5 in. with hydraulic drive. Capable of Max. continuos 25,832 ft/lb torque @ 20 rpm , Static load 800,000 lbs
Top Drive MH DDM-650L-DC, 650 short ton, with GE 752 Hi-Torque DC motor. Rated at 50,400 ft./lbs. @ 120 rpm in low gear -17,687 ft./lbs. @ 237 rpm in high gear. Maritime Hydraulics Pipehandler
Pipe handling MH 1862-10 Upper & Lower Racking Arms & Fingerboard
Motion compensator Crown Mounted MH 270 - 25, rated at 600,000 lbs.
Mud Pumps 3x Continental Emsco FC1600, 1600 hp.
Solids Control Four Axiom AX-1 shale shakers Two Derrick FLS -200-28/258 scalpers

Storage Capacities

Liquid Mud 2,575 bbl. (above deck tanks)
Base oil 2,645 bbl.
Brine or Mud 1,794 bbl.
Bulk Mud 170 cubic meters
Bulk Cement 146 cubic meters

Power Equipment

DC 10 ABB, DCS800-A02-1500-07 maximum continuous power 10 x 1126kW, 750v
AC Four Wartsila 6L32E engines each developing 4730hp at 750rpm, driving ABB/AMG 0710MR08LAE , 2646kW at 750rpm

Subsea Equipment

Riser 1600 ft. Vetco MR6D 21 in. OD. 750 ft. equipped with Emerson-Cuming Ecco-Float Buoyancy Modules
Tensioners Four Dual Maritime Hydraulics MH 3459-04 riser tensioners with 50 ft. stroke - rated at 240,000 lbs. each, six 16,000 lb. guideline pod line tensioners with 40 ft. stroke

BOP Equipment

Diverter System Hydril FS 21-500, 49.5 in. with two 16 in. discharge lines & single remotely operated deflector valve
18-3/4 in. BOP TWO NOV/Shafer SL 10000psi annular preventer. One each triple NOV/Shafer NXT and double NOV/Shafer NXT 15000psi ram preventors, 5000psi accumulator system
Cranes Three Dreco 72DNS-120, all with 120 ft. booms, Dynamically rated at 45 metric tons for the main block and 10.5 for the whip line
Mooring System Mooring system change in text the anchor type and wire size Stevpris Mk6 12mt , on 86m wire


The Drilling History of "Istiglal"
Block Well(s) Client Date of completion
Shakh Deniz SDX-1 BP Shakh Deniz May 1, 1999
Shakh Deniz SDX-2 BP Shakh Deniz April 19, 2000
Kurdashi AD-1X Agip / Azerbaijan July 13, 2000
Shakh Deniz SDX-3 BP Shakh Deniz December 19, 2000
Absheron Absheron 1 Chevron Overseas Pet. July 18, 2001
Inam INX-1 BP Inam August 19, 2001
Nakhchivan Nakhchivan-1 EAOC February 20, 2002
Shakh Deniz Shakh Deniz Pilot hole and conductor trials BP Shakh Deniz April 24, 2002
Shakh Deniz Shakh Deniz Pilot hole BP Shakh Deniz March 9, 2007
Shakh Deniz SDA-1 template BP Shakh Deniz  August 10, 2005
Shakh Deniz SDX-4 BP Shakh Deniz November 4, 2007
Inam INX-2 BP Inam May 12, 2008
Shakh Deniz SDX-5 BP Shakh Deniz July, 2009
June,3, 2010 (top hole)
Deep Water Guneshli
July 17, 2010
Shakh Deniz
BP Shakh Deniz
March 3, 2011
Shakh Deniz
BP Shakh Deniz
May 4, 2011 (abandoned)
Shakh Deniz SDCP01 BP Shakh Deniz November 10, 2012
Shakh Deniz SDD02 BP Shakh Deniz February 12, 2013
Shakh Deniz SDCK01 BP Shakh Deniz August 26, 2013
Shakh Deniz SDX-7AZ BP Shakh Deniz September 14, 2013
Shakh Deniz SDX-6 BP Shakh Deniz November 20, 2013
Shakh Deniz SDX-7Ay BP Shakh Deniz January 21, 2014
Shakh Deniz SDX-7 BP Shakh Deniz May 26, 2014
Shakh Deniz SDC-03 BP Shakh Deniz February 22, 2015
Shakh Deniz SDC04z BP Shakh Deniz April 18, 2015
Shakh Deniz SDX-7A BP Shakh Deniz May 4, 2015
Shakh Deniz SDC-02 /SDC-03 BP Shakh Deniz May 5, 2015
Shakh Deniz SLOT 04 SDC 4 BP Shakh Deniz February 17, 2016
Shakh Deniz SDG02 (ES2) BP Shakh Deniz February 27, 2016
Shakh Deniz SDC 04z BP Shakh Deniz November 2016
Shakh Deniz SDC 03z BP Shakh Deniz February 2017
Shakh Deniz SDC 02z BP Shakh Deniz March 2017