QHSE Statement


Health and Safety Policy
Caspian Drilling Company Ltd (CDC) is committed to developing and maintaining a premier health and safety culture for all parties associated with the Company and its operations. The provision of superior health and safety is a core company value of equal importance to environmental protection, operational efficiency, customer service, and profitability. In case of conflict, safety will always take precedence.
CDC confirms its commitment to:
• Striving to achieve an Injury Free Workplace.
• Management being actively involved in and committing sufficient financial and other resources necessary for superior health and safety performance. Safety happens by choice, not by chance.
• Supervisors maintaining the health and safety of all personnel as they direct work and other related activity. In the event of a real or apparent safety related conflict with operations, health and safety will always take precedence. Safety shall never be sacrificed for the sake of expediency.
• All employees having a responsibility to eliminate at risk behavior in themselves and others. This includes the obligation to call "time out" during any perceived unsafe operation. Employee teamwork, cooperation, participation, and support by all are vital if the aims and objectives of this policy are to be achieved. Safety is a condition of employment.
The Company will strive to ensure that:
• Health and Safety is promoted within, and external to, the organization.
• Safe systems of work are identified and adopted.
• Compliance with all applicable regulatory requirements is maintained.
• Appropriate levels of risk assessment will be applied to all activities.
• Employees are made aware of potential hazards and the necessary precautions to be taken through the communication of information, instruction, training and supervision.
• Employees participate fully in all health and safety arrangements and all suggestions for improving standards of performance are actively encouraged.
• The immediate and root cause of incidents (actual and potential) are identified and communicated to prevent reoccurrence.
This policy will be continuously reviewed and revised as necessary to ensure it remains effective.


Quality Policy
Caspian Drilling Company is committed to a long term business success with its business partners, clients and all interested parties to deliver a premier world-wide offshore drilling service incorporating well engineering, integrated project management and drilling engineering services. This commitment will be achieved through the implementation of its Quality Management system based on ISO 9001: 2015 with a focus on continual improvement and customer satisfaction.
Caspian Drilling Company will ensure quality services by providing cost effective services including personnel, facilities, technology and methodology or equipment that are safe, and environmentally sound, CDC will ensure that the customer expectations, statutory, legislative and all applicable requirements are met.
In pursuit of this, a Quality Manual has been developed which comprises policies and procedures designed to ensure that all Company activities are implemented and suitably controlled. The Management shall ensure that all training, assessments, verification, inspections and audits shall be carried out with the highest degree of professional integrity and technical competence.
Management will ensure that personnel receive information and instruction necessary to actively participate in meeting all Company objectives towards the quality management system. Everyone within the organization will commit fully towards the implementation of this quality policy.
Annual measurable objectives will be set and communicated by senior management to all employees, against which we will continue to maintain the high standards of quality within our operations. We continually monitor our systems in place within our operations and assess and evaluate our performance. 
To achieve this commitment CDC will ensure support and involvement of all our personnel and sub-contractors utilized. CDC will actively foster a culture of continuous improvement and open communication throughout the Company.


Environmental Policy
Caspian Drilling Company Ltd (CDC) is committed to the preservation of the environment in which we operate and live. The Company intends to conduct all operations in a manner that will comply with both the letter and spirit of all applicable international and local environmental legislation and regulations and other requirements to which the Company subscribes.
CDC is further committed to a process of continual environmental performance improvement. The Company shall ensure that all personnel, including third party personnel working on or visiting CDC facilities, are informed of and are required to comply with all Company environmental policies and procedures. Without exception everyone is accountable for their actions.
To accomplish and maintain a level of environmental excellence the Company will:
• Continually review Company policy and procedures to ensure effectiveness.
• Establish, achieve and continually evaluate environmental preservation objectives.
• Implement and conduct internal and external audit programs, to ensure commitment to and progress in continual improvement.
• Through management control and risk assessment of planned activities, eliminate the potential for incidents which could harm the environment.
• Facilitate the development of environmental policies with local governments and communities, and openly discuss any environmental issues relating to CDC business.
• Reduce the consumption of materials to minimize the generation of waste.
• Design operations and select materials with the objective of minimizing environmental impact.
• Commit to a target of zero spills to the environment.
As a foundation of Caspian Drilling Company's commitment, the Company has developed and implemented an Environmental Management System which shall be used by all employees in the course of their assigned tasks. This System is available at all Company facilities and the information, guidance, instructions and principles therein shall be strictly adhered to while conducting work or visiting CDC facilities.